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Older Adult Fitness Bootcamp - Health Promotion & Exercise Program

It’s nice to know that even in today’s hectic and competitive world finding time for yourself and your well being doesn’t have to demand a lot of your time. At One-2-One Fitness we have developed an exclusive program designed for the older adult all within a small setting at our facility in Cary or we will come to your facility. Our program promotes a strong body and sound nutritional instruction. Our older adult fitness bootcamp group exercise program blends the personalized teaching of a ACE master personal trainers with the comradery of community participants, family and friends, all working together for a common goal of a healthier lifestyle. What should you expect from our program?

Personal instruction to teach proper exercise techniques Strong exercise work ethic to promote a healthier body Reduced health issues related to lack of exercise and poor nutrition More energy and mind power Personal satisfaction and self-esteem

Older adult communities are recognizing the benefits of our program and the positive effects it has on individuals that engage in programs. Having enough insight to offer such a program or engage in a program tells a lot about the community and how they feel about keeping their community happy and healthy. Our program targets not only the immediate camp, but the long term knowledge that allows our campers to bring that knowledge to others in the community. It is the best program out there, one-of-a-kind. Our goal is to provide as much fun, team work and health as we can.


Fitness Bootcamp – Fall Classes Starting NOW!

August 25th, 2015

One-2-One Fitness is a private gym where you can feel comfortable as you work out. We customize your training plan to fit your goals and your abilities.

One-2-One Fitness Personal Training is committed to enriching our clients’ quality of life through safe and effective physical activity. As a professional authority on fitness, One-2-One Fitness protects our clients against ineffective fitness products, programs and trends through its ongoing education of our clients in fitness, health, and nutrition.

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